2ème patch pour WebPlus X7

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2ème patch pour WebPlus X7

Messagepar fusible17 » 27 Jan 2014, 17:58
» Firefox 26.0 Firefox 26.0 Windows Vista Windows Vista Résolution d’écran: 1280 x 800 1280 x 800

Le 2ème patch de correction pour WebPlus X7 est en ligne. A découvrir...

"Serif (Europe) Ltd. is announcing the release of an update for the multi-lingual WebPlus X7 software ( build number ).

The main purpose of the build is to resolve issues discovered since the master of WebPlus X7 15.0.0 and 15.0.1, for which we apologise. This update addresses many customer reported problems including the following issues: Some of these issues are phrased in the negative from our database, but are nevertheless fixed.

Many fixes to Text formatting broken as a result of a move to HTML5.
Site Search can fail after being uploaded.
Form validation message which includes quotation marks breaks JavaScript.
Forms: There is no validation option for the Combo Box.
Forms: Fields are not showing customised border properties.
4-bit PNG Display Black in WebPlus X7.
Various objects allowed CSS corners when they are not appropriate.
Padding in CSS Properties in Edit Form Edit Box moves field.
Text with large line spacing can draw outside text frame.
Cannot preview site with Google Maps without errors being presented.
Nav bar shows tool tips containing page name with no option to remove.
W3C compliance warnings on padding:none instead of 0.
Forms: Edit E-Commerce Form that has HTML Attached loses HTML after editing.
Table: Copy cells from PPX7 & WPX6 to WPX7 causes crash.
Export as Picture: Embed ICC Profile is constantly greyed out for jpg, png and tif.
Autoflowing pictures onto master pages places the picture on the pasteboard.
There is no 'Hyperlink' option on context menu for table text.
JS Gallery - Reverse button on nav bar shifts position when previewed or published.
Database filters are being ignored in X7 when merged and forgotten when closed.
Hyperlink-To-Picture: linked file resampled unnecessarily.
Object Styles: Not updating when used with text.
Slider 'Restrict display panel to set time period' Feature Not Working.
Visibility control for Button objects sometimes broken.
When entering Full Screen with a Flowplayer play list, the controls move out of place.
Unable to Edit Fill on Artistic Text.
Popup menu can appear in wrong position.
Crash when trying to rename colour schemes in certain files.
Animated Marquee crashes when converting to html fragment or clicking HTML source.
Form fields and CSS: changing default does not display new CSS settings.
Backgrounds: Browsing assets does not display custom-made assets.
Legacy Creative Frames: Columns Overlap on Import, Only one Column Exports.
Crash when publishing document containing buttons with pop-up menus.
Adding a repeating area hyperlink field crashes WebPlus.
On-Page CAPTCHA - Ignored by Submit Process, Browser Diverted to Serif CAPTCHA Gateway.
Submit buttons on forms have nothing in the Name field, causes warning on publish.
Navbar error message - "Error generating navbar: 'wp_navbar_menub' is undefined".
Vimeo Player - Unable to display videos using link code containing a user ID from Vimeo site.
Page order in PDF output is determined by order added rather than position within site.
Photo Galleries ignore Initially Hidden setting.
Master Page - Page content preview is not scaled properly with a short Master Page.
YouTube search does not handle extended characters.
Form Designer - Grouped Radio Buttons - Multiple buttons can be set to checked.
Child pages of a disabled link do not display on nav bar in chrome and Firefox.
Google Analytics: Classic code throws up an invalid or out of date message.
Unspecified padding added to text frame when CSS border applied - ONLY in design view.
Floating Studio Tabs Disappear on Startup.
Popup rollovers in panels position relative to panel not page.
JavaScript photo galleries cut off sides of thumbnails.
Accented letters display incorrectly in SlideShow Pro Galleries.
YouTube Player Defaults to 4:3 instead of 16:9.
JavaScript Navbars not displaying correctly in NavBar TYPE tab.
Table height when previewed/published is larger than in design view.
Nav Bar bounding box becomes excessively wide when drawn out from quick build tab.
Resource Manager "Edit" fails to edit the item.
Document frame scroll bars still appear when set to "no" (fixed if 'Allow non-standard HTML' is enabled).
Rollover and Active hyperlink styles used in Text styles are swapped around.
Chosen time format is not retained when inserted into a table.
Creating a new colour scheme appears to select/apply it but doesn't.
X/Y Position Arrows disappear in the Background Picture dialog when re-opened.
Background images are not getting renamed and placed in the wpimages folder.
CSS Border ignored by YouTube video in Preview.
Marquee does not appear on top of other objects.
Cut Paste table contents not correct.
Changing text styles can sporadically lose hyperlinks.
Hyperlink-To-Picture: linked file resampled unnecessarily.
Table Cell autoformatting can be overridden using ' literal character.
Autosave during slider edit dialog could corrupt site/document.
And some other crashes from the crash reporting system.
All the issues fixed in the 15.0.1 patch.

We have also added some minor improvements to the program.

10 new transitions on Sliding Panels ( in addition to the existing “Linear” and “Swing” we now also have "Quadratic", "Cubic", "Quartic", "Quintic", "Sine", "Exponential", "Circular", "Elastic", "Back" & "Bounce").
Form Submission script sends a language code for correct language replies.
Help>Learning Assistant allows easier access to the user guide and tutorials if Startup Assistant is turned off.
CSS dialog has a Reset button.
Static text element added to form designer.
Ability to resample bitmap resources in the Picture Property Sheet.
Add the Placed image size to the Edit Picture tab.
Form Designer - reCAPTCHA key check should check for both public and private keys.
CSS Visibility tab - Opacity slider reacts poorly on click.
Inserting a slider asset should select all inserted objects.

We would recommend that ALL users of WebPlus X7 English (GB & US), French and German download and install this update. Serif recommend that updating should be done within the program, by using the "Check for update from web" option in the Help Menu. This will always get any available update for your version of Serif software and install it too.

To work out if you need this update choose "About WebPlus" in the help menu and if the version number is or less, and you are running an English UK, English US, French or German version then you need this update. Helpfully the software checks for updates the first time it runs, so for those yet to install the software, any update will be found on first use, if needed.

If you are not able to run the software to get the automatically chosen patch, then all recent patches are also available to download manually from the software updates page.

French 64-bit

Filename: WebPlus-X7-fr-FR_15.0.2.31_64-Bit_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 19.4 MB (20,377,072 bytes)
Date/Time: 23 January 2014, 15:13:17
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: 63B41EA83169B961673B0C14DB51DD47

French 32-bit

Filename: WebPlus-X7-fr-FR_15.0.2.31_32-Bit_Patch-Setup.exe
Size: 19.5 MB (20,532,720 bytes)
Date/Time: 23 January 2014, 14:42:11
Digital Signature: Yes
MD5: A31A353253B6B9581626D473C7BB8688

NOTE Unusually for Serif, this patch is not individually removable if your start point is 15.0.0 and are on Windows 7 without the source, which is normally only available with the DVD version. Purchasers of the download version who are on Windows 7, and in the unlikely event you want to remove this patch, will need to uninstall and reinstall the purchased download version. Going from 15.0.1 back to 15.0.2, this patch is removable.
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Re: 2ème patch pour WebPlus X7

Messagepar fa30 » 27 Jan 2014, 18:45
» Firefox 26.0 Firefox 26.0 Windows Seven 64 bits Windows Seven 64 bits Résolution d’écran: 1366 x 768 1366 x 768

Voila c'est fait pour moi ;)
vais pouvoir finir un petit site ;)
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